Who We Are

A Canadian company with industry experience and global goals.


A Canadian company with industry experience and global goals

North American Plant Genetics is a Canadian company started by a father-daughter team based in Guelph, Ontario. NAPG partners exclusively with LNZ Group for production and distribution in Ukraine. LNZ has 80 years of experience in seed production, processing and distribution.

John Cowan



John has over 35 years experience in the seed industry. He is the former president of Hyland Seeds and a former president of the Canadian Seed Trade Association.

Claire Cowan



Claire has over 10 years experience in the agriculture industry. A former marketer at a large multi-national company, she started her career as an agricultural journalist and an editor of an Ontario farm publication.


Soybean Product Lead


Don recently joined NAPG and has led the organization’s expansion into soybeans. He has over 30 years experience as a soybean breeder and formerly managed a breeding program that introduced many commercial successful soybean varieties to the market.

Our ukrainian Partner

An experienced partner with boots on the ground is an integral part of our strategy. LNZ Group is a vertically-integrated company with operations in seed production and distribution as well as plant protection distribution and grain trading. They also farm themselves on 170,000 acres in Ukraine.


Production & Processing

LNZ Group has 9,800 acres of land used for irrigated seed production. LNZ also has 2 processing plants, one dedicated to seed corn while the other is multi-functional and can be used to process soybeans, cereals or sunflower seeds, among other crops.



LNZ Group is one of the top 5 agricultural distributors in Ukraine. With 12 offices across 19 regions and 5 logistics centres, they are a valued partner of NAPG. Their employees are professional and experienced in Ukrainian agriculture.